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                               Strategic 3 Point Home Buyers Plan

Do you have a plan in place to find the perfect home?

     It is easy to find a real estate agent to show you homes, but…

      My 3 Point Plan will save you time, money and frustration!


  1. Plan For Successful Home Search          

What                                                                                      Why

  1. Get Pre Approved/Don’t spend or transfer$               Strong offer positioning/loan types
  2. Home Search By Design                                             Wish List/Deal Breakers/Timeline
  3. Price Range Decisions                                                Determines Desired Lifestyle/Areas


  1. Plan For A Successful Offer


  1.  CMA                                                                          Compare homes to current 90 day mkt.
  2. Sellers Disclosure                                                       What condition is the property in?
  3. DOM                                                                           How many days on the market?
  1. CLUE Report                                                              Has there been insurance claims?
  2. Survey                                                                         Check for easement/encroachments
  3. Negotiate the offer                                                      Careful to consider appraisal values


  1. Plan For Accepted Offer & Closing


  1. Option period begins at execution                              Buyers Option Check delivered        
  2. Title Company receives contract                                Escrow check delivered/receipted

3.   Inspection/repairs/amendments                                Initiated during Option period

  1. Buyer and Lender continue Loan Process                  Still critical not to spend or transfer $

               -appraisal is ordered

      -all buyer verifications are processed

             -verify any buyer requirements of lender

             -prepare buyers loan package                                                                                                                                

       5.   Final approval and commitment

       6..  Survey ordered by Title                                              If new one is needed

       7..  Verify any re-inspections required                             By Lender

       8.  Title Company                                                            Follow up with buyer & seller

            -title company receives instructions/prepares papers from lender

            -title company coordinates and prepares additional closing documents

            -title company coordinates and closes the sale

            -disbursement of funds per closing instructions

            -proper filing of closing documents



                         Prepared by Lori Gladstone-Ebby Halliday Realtors-1415 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX  75034       

                 Direct: 469.980.9209   e-mail:        website: